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We know how important your pet is to you. It’s that relationship along with a love for dogs and cats that drives everyone who works at Canfield Vet. We know you have choices when it comes to veterinary care and, therefore, we work very hard to earn your trust.

We have a strong focus on preventative care and encourage annual exams, vaccinations and parasite preventative use. From puppies and kittens to senior pets, veterinary care at Canfield Vet is customized for your furry family member. Our doctors use a big picture approach to tailor a health plan that suits the lifestyle of you and your pet. We believe that communication and client education are vital aspects of good veterinary care.

In addition to office visit care, we offer advanced medical procedures such as dental prophy and extractions, surgical procedures, and digital radiology. If any of these are advised, a treatment plan will be created and discussed in detail with you.

Our veterinarians are also ready to assist you if/when illness or disease enters the picture. They attend lectures and do research to keep informed on new techniques, procedures, medications, and guidelines in all areas of dog and cat medical care. In some cases, our doctors may need to refer you to a specialist, veterinarians who have completed advanced studies in specialties such as diagnostic imaging (ultrasound), internal medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology or emergency services. This referral will be advised if your pet must undergo a procedure that requires more precise knowledge and experience.

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